For the love. For the land.

It is an invitation, a rally cry, a call to action to embrace unity and come together in a common bond of love for each other and our city. Depicted with a diverse representation of hands on a basketball, the message speaks to the power of teamwork.

Our Purpose

The Cleveland Cavaliers¸ Cleveland Monsters, Cleveland Charge, Cavs Legion GC and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse are recognized as the premier professional sports organization in delivering unparalleled sports and entertainment experiences fueled by a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

Our Definitions

Diversity: the collective mixture of our fans, team members, properties, teams and partners characterized by our differences and our similarities.

Inclusion: creating and fostering a trusting environment in which all are respected and engaged in the acceleration of our team priorities (Big Rocks).

Social Impact: any significant or positive changes that solve or at least address social injustice and challenges.

Equity: the outcome of equitable administration of organizational systems where everyone benefits, a culture of fairness and justice.

Standing against social injustice and discrimination is a core value of our organization and is a major part of our DNA.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Platform

Our team members at all levels mirror the demographics of the communities that we live and work in.

A Message From Kevin Clayton

VP Diversity, Inclusion
& Community Engagement

Fairness and equality are core values of who I am as a human being. Regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, education, economic status, or any dimension of diversity all people have the right to be treated fairly. I strongly believe that our team members, fans, vendors and partners all bring a unique piece to the Cavs puzzle. It is our responsibility to create a culture where everyone feels that they have the same opportunity to acquire equity and are treated equitably. My why for leading the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work for the Rock Entertainment Group is simple…we are a better organization and community when all people are treated with humanity.

Kevin Clayton

Team Member Resource Groups

Team Member Resource Groups (TMRGs) are an important part of our culture. They are team member led groups that provide support, mentoring, networking and a platform for voicing the ideas and opinions for of team members representing specific dimensions of diversity.

Our TMRGs provide the organization with additional cross functional resources that can be leveraged to create significant value for the organization both internally and externally.

Hispanics for Outreach,
Leadership & Advocacy

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Jews for Unity, Inclusion,
Connection & Education

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Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Excellence, Vision & Education

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Pride in the Land

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Women of the Cavs, Monsters,
Charge & Legion

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Asians Representing Inclusion, Strength and Equity

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Parents, Allies and Caretakers Team

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Service and Leadership United through Excellence

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Connect With Us

Join us in this journey and continue to advance this work within your own sphere of influence. We are all in this together.